All our flavour comes from our coffee. Nothing else.

From green bean to finished blend, the process is done in-house at our distillery by Detlef Mohr, our Head of Coffee.
Detlef works across all of our coffee program, including green bean sourcing, optimising roast profiles, creating our blends and most importantly, ensuring quality and consistency.


We blend 3 unique and distinct coffees together to create a classic “coffee house” blend that has a full flavoured, round, yet complex flavour profile.

The Human Touch

The key is to find balance, and no single degree of roast is ideal for all coffees. A good coffee roaster will manipulate time, temperature, and speed of the roast to control three key aspects of taste: acidity, sweetness, and bitterness.
A light or medium roast gives coffee sweetness and acidity, where a darker roast decreases body and increases bitter flavours.

What makes Mr Black special is the way our coffee is made.

Instead of using the quick “add hot water” method (think French press), Mr Black embraces the “low and slow” cold brew process – adding filtered cold water to our expertly roasted & ground coffee.

Cold brewed coffee is a beautiful thing – rich, nutty, chocolatey, refreshing and perfectly sweet.

To learn more about our passion for coffee and great cocktails, check out our YouTube channel here.

Did you know we re-use our spent coffee grounds to fertilise the garden? More info here.