Mr Black
Holy Trinity Pack


The best of Mr Black

1 x Mr Black Coffee Liqueur 700ml
1 x Mr Black Rum Barrel Aged 700ml
1 x Mr Black Mezcal Cask 700ml

The Holy Trinity showcases the best of Mr Black, our classic coffee liqueur, and two special editions.

Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

The world’s best coffee liqueur. A bittersweet masterpiece of big coffee notes, balanced sweetness and an enduring coffee kick.

Mr Black Rum Barrel Coffee Liqueur

Released in collaboration with Bundaberg Rum in 2021. This is a feast for the senses, with tasting notes of coffee, dark chocolate, Christmas spices, brown sugar and raisins.

Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur

The newest member of the Mr Black family. Big coffee vibes up front (obviously, it’s Mr Black) that give way to rich, toasted agave notes with just a hint of smoke on the finish.