We are thrilled to be working with ST ALi on a limited release coffee liqueur

A homage to our nation's coffee obsession. 

ST ALi, an institution in the world’s coffee capital of Melbourne, is known for its dedication to the brew, cutting no corners when it comes to sourcing, roasting and processing speciality coffee. 

On a pilgrimage to Peru, ST ALi handpicked the ‘El Diamante’ coffee used in this Single Origin Coffee Liqueur.  Sourcing the beans from a single farm in the Cajamarca region, it required a taxi up the mountains, perilous cable cars, and an hour’s hike up steep terrain from Apolinar Arevalo’s house to his actual farm 2,000 metres above sea level. ST. ALi owner Salvatore Malatesta comments, “When we arrived we were blown away by how Apolinar approaches fermentation, continuously working on experiments, taking meticulous notes on each lot. His hard work shines through with this exceptional Yellow Caturra coffee.”



“Honeydew melon and red currant fruit on the nose which opens up to the comforting smell of nonna’s kitchen.” If that doesn’t lure you in, “You can taste biscotti on the palette with a clean finish of honeycomb and milk chocolate”.