For our latest Single Origin Edition, we return to the spiritual home of coffee: Ethiopia

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th century AD. There’s a quaint – but probably a little embellished – story of a herder’s goats first discovering the plants, eating the coffee beans and getting all perked up. True or not, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and still produces some of the most respected coffee in the world.

Some coffees are so exceptional that they deserve to be enjoyed alone.

Wondering why ‘Single Origin’ matters? The bigger picture here is that coffee – like wine – has terroir.  The climate. The soil. The altitude. The people that grow it, harvest it and process it. All these elements contribute to the final flavour of the coffee we drink.

This limited edition is made with beans from the Yirgacheffe Region, known as ‘The King of Coffees’. Fruit from this region has a long-standing reputation for being the highest quality available on the market.


This coffee from Hafursa wash station in Yirgacheffe is called a ‘garden crop’ as it’s cultivated in the backyards of many farmers in the community. These shade-grown coffee plants form the habitat for local birds, including the blue-breasted bee-eater pictured on the label.


Smells like: earl grey & bergamot

Tastes like: zesty orange marmalade & roasted hazelnuts (or the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had)

Drink it: on the rocks


For the first time, this release is available not only in Australia but also in the US and UK, so please share it with your friends abroad and at home.

AUS: Order a bottle of this limited edition here.