The Return of our Espresso Martini Festival

After 3 years of running the original (and best, if we do say so ourselves) Espresso Martini Festival, we took a short hiatus to come up with something new. Amidst the pleading, cries and many angry emails we got – WHERE IS MY ESPRESSO MARTINI FESTIVAL?! BRING IT BACK etc etc – we were quietly working away on our gorgeous Caffeine Caravan, with a plan to roll it out along the East Coast of Aus. After months of working on a custom fit-out, our Airstream was ready to serve the best coffee cocktails and bring caffeinated good vibes to an event near you.
The first stop for our little caravan that could? Park House Mona Vale. The Caffeine Caravan fits right in amongst the retro, Californian desert vibes of Park House. For 3 days we served playful, summery libations such as the Frozen Espresso MarTIKI, Coffee Cherry Colas and Caramel Koala-tinis. Bonza Records lined up an excellent selection of DJs and local live acts for the weekend including Jesse Redwing, the Drey Rollan Band and Hot Work who all played in the truck bed of an old Ford pick-up. Rad.
Coming down with a bad case of FOMO? Say no more, we got you. Our next Espresso Martini Festival is coming to the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, Sydney. Stay tuned for further announcements!