A nip of whiskey in your coffee is no new thing, but the Cold Brew Old Fashioned is anything but traditional. A contemporary take on the classic Old Fashioned, the balanced rye spice of Sagamore’s classic Maryland Rye is the perfect pair for Mr Black’s bittersweet cold brew liquor.

A classic Old Fashioned is conventionally comprised of whiskey, bitters and sugar. In this modern interpretation, the bitters and sugar are replaced with Mr Black Cold Brew Liquor, with the coffee providing a complex, bittersweet alternative to angostura bitters and simple sugar.

Cold Brew Old Fashioned
(a.k.a Cold Fashioned)

  • 1oz Mr Black Cold Brew Liquor
  • 1oz Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey
  • Stirred. Served on a rock of ice with an orange twist.