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Mr Black
4x200ml 8%


A silky blend of Mr Black, Vodka and Cold Brew coffee

Get 'em cold
Shake Hard
For 5 seconds
Open Slowly
Pour into a glass
8% 4 x 200ml

About Time

The legendary Espresso Martini is now in a can. Crafted by our expert team, this cocktail tastes as good as you’d get in a top cocktail bar.

Ready to Go

Our Espresso Martini is made using top-grade arabica coffee, vodka and a good whack of Mr Black. They’re ready to serve in a cocktail glass at a dinner party or chuck them in the esky for your next picnic.

Magic Bubbles

The Mr Black Espresso Martini is charged with nitrogen. This means the drink pours like a classic Espresso Martini, with a thick, foamy head.

Chill, Shake, Pour

Pop them in the fridge and get ’em cold – who wants a warm cocktail? Give it a good shake and then open slowly. Pour into a glass, or drink straight from the can.


One can equals one standard shot of espresso

Gluten Free. Vegan. Dairy free.

Cold Brew Coffee, Mr Black, Vodka, Potassium Sorbate (for freshness)