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It takes 9 days to make a bottle of Mr Black, but our story starts long before that, in the coffee farms of Kenya, Papua New Guinea and Colombia. A lot goes into a bottle, so let’s meet the team who makes the magic happen.

All of the flavour in Mr Black comes from the coffee, so we use the finest specialty grade coffee in our blends.

Farm to Glass

Detlef, our Head of Coffee, has a PhD in Chemistry (seriously) and before joining our team, worked as a winemaker. 

Detlef sources the finest specialty-grade Arabica coffee from Kenya, Colombia & Papua New Guinea to our distillery in Sydney, Australia.

Did you know there are more flavour variations in coffee than wine? Neither. Detlef knew though. 

Mr Black is proudly made by hand in Sydney, Australia

Working with Detlef is our Assistant Roaster & Distiller, Laurence. Laurence is responsible for turning our wonderful coffees into the liqueur we call Mr Black. 

Our coffees are brewed cold to retain their delicate aromas and flavours. Once extraction is complete, our cold brew is fortified with 100% Australian grain vodka, which gives Mr Black its boozy kick.


Enter our bottling team. A crew of nimble-fingered locals who keep the good vibes going all day with their tunes and chat. There’s one person for each job, from filling bottles (just four at a time!) to placing each label by hand. Yep, even 7 years on, we still label each bottle by hand. A labour of love.

We also have a crew of hard-working legends working behind the scenes on stuff outside of production, but that’s a story for another day.

Time for a drink, I reckon.



Last modified: 10 November 2020