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Cocktail inspo for the long weekend ahead! Whether you’re hosting family in the garden or meeting up with friends at the park – these recipes are sure winners.


45ml Mr Black

15ml Creme De Cacao

30ml Vodka

30ml Espresso or Coffee


Shake hard on ice. Strain into coupe


Garnish with Coffee Beans & Shaved Chocolate


60ml Mr Black

Top with milk or nut milk alternative e.g. coconut or oat


Garnish with Shaved Chocolate


Build in rocks glass over ice


Hit the button below to check out cocktail legend Ciara O Doherty stirring up some tasty White Russians


Our boozy twist on the affogato is the perfect dinner party hack.

To serve after dinner:

  • Select a coupette or rocks glass for each guest
  • In each glass, add 1 large scoop of ice cream
  • Add a generous pour of Mr Black
  • Top with something crunchy and sweet