Coffee Amaro

Mr Black Coffee Amaro. Australian coffee culture meets a 30-year botanical obsession.

Mr Black Coffee Amaro is a bitter liqueur inspired by Italy’s after-dinner drink tradition and Australia’s coffee culture. This special edition recipe captures the flavours and aromas found in both beverages: bright fruits, abundant herbs and seductive spices.
Handcrafted by Master Distiller Philip Moore, our Coffee Amaro combines his 30-year botanical obsession with our undying devotion to the pursuit of quality coffee. Coffee Amaro is available from specialty retailers in limited quantities.

Tasting Notes

Bittersweet. Coffee, citrus, gentian. Jaffa.


Our award-winning cold brew liqueur forms the base the Amaro. Specialty coffee, expertly roasted creating a robust, complex liqueur.


Each of the botanicals and bitters is vapour-distilled and macerated by Mr Black Master Distiller, Philip Moore at our distillery in Erina, Australia.


“This new luxury coffee liqueur is a must-drink for caffeine lovers ”
Man of Many.
“This stylish bottle takes the bitter tang of Italian cocktails (think Negroni) and fuses it with the citrusy note of Australian (AKA hipster) coffee roasts.”
Red Online.

“Our Coffee Amaro is the extension of my love and worship of coffee and Philip’s 30-year botanical obsession.”
Tom Baker.
Managing Founder.

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