Our next guest in the #MBChefSeries lineup needs no introduction. Caroline Khoo, the founder and creative director of Nectar and Stone, has attracted more than 410,000 Instagram followers thanks to her dreamy, whimsical and feminine aesthetic. It’s definitely caught our attention, and her ‘Coffee Cloud’ will no doubt capture yours.

Coffee Cloud

60ml Mr Black
80ml Angostura Dark Rum
300ml Thickened cream
½ cup Coffee Sugar
1 drop Ameri Colour Pink
1 cup of ice
‘Potion’ – Coffee House, by The Everleigh Bottling Co.
Garnish (make decorations with royal icing or use fairy floss)

  1. Chill 2 small tumbler glasses in fridge & place cream whip in freezer to chill
  2. Using a coffee grinder, place coffee sugar crystals in and blitz till you get a fine powder
  3. Measure Rum and Mr Black Cold Brew in a jug
  4. In another jug measure the cream, add coffee sugar and pink colouring and stir through
  5. Using a cocktail shaker, add ice, rum and coffee and shake
  6. Strain into a jug
  7. Using the cream whip, please the cream ingredients in and whip into a jug
  8. Place half the cream into the cocktail shaker, add the coffee mixture back in and shake for a minute till combined
  9. Bring the two glasses from the fridge, using the strainer, pour the coffee liquid equally
  10. Use the remaining cream from the jug to top up
  11. Fill a ‘potion’ dropper with Coffee House, place on top and garnish with
    a Royal Icing flower or fairy floss
* Serves 2 *