Mr Black
Mezcal Cask
Coffee Liqueur


Made with 100% Espadin Agave

Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
Ex Mezcal Oak barrels
Tasting Notes
Nutmeg, spice and roasted agave
25% 700ml

From Oaxaca to Sydney

We took 30 ex-Mezcal casks straight from our friends in Oaxaca, Mexico, and found them a new home at our distillery. Mr Black mellowed in these barrels for 12 long, hot weeks through the Aussie summer and the result is unreal.

A bold new spirit

This product starts life as our iconic Mr Black coffee & spirit infusion – the flavour you know and love. But why stop there?

After resting Mr Black in ex-mezcal casks we added a touch of Joven Mezcal. The final blend brings notes of nutmeg, spice and roasted agave, alongside Mr Black’s signature Arabica coffee flavour.

Skip the shots, this one is for sipping

Light a candle, put on your favourite album. Take a big rock of ice, add 60mls/1oz to your glass. Ponder the universe whilst you enjoy the incredible flavour of this limited edition.