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Hand Sanitiser

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Hand Sanitiser Batch #3
500ml 70% ABV
Shipping from 20th-24th April.

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We are now pleased to supply WHO recipe hand-sanitiser available to all who need it. All for the very reasonable cost of $19.95 for a half-litre refill pack.

At 70% ethanol this product it suitable for hands and surfaces.

We’ve been overwhelmed by requests for hand sanitiser from both our local community and afar. In the background we have been busy supplying our local pharmacies healthcare providers with the raw ingredients they need to help those that need it most.  Your purchase helps supply people in urgent need, or who cannot afford to purchase it.

If you are in urgent need of this product, or you are not in a position where you can afford to buy it, please contact [email protected] and we’ll make special arrangements.

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We have reduced the free-shipping minimum to $79.90, so if you choose to add a bottle of Mr Black to your order, know that it’ll be supporting the livelihoods of 35+ hard-working humans doing their best to get through these tough times. And I know we’re biased, but it’s a damn tasty way to spend an evening (or week) in quarantine.


Why 70%? This is a sweet-spot of product of having both high efficacy, yet allowing for quick and timely postage through standard postage services.


Please note, Australia Post is experiencing significant delays to their service. Some orders will arrive the next day. Some might take two weeks. There’s no way of knowing, and nothing we can do to speed it up.