Mr Black
Chocolate Bar
By Zokoko


Limited Edition Artisan Chocolate Bar

65% Cacao
Dark Chocolate
Topped with
Mr Black soaked Cacao Nibs

bottle to bar

The rich chocolate flavour in Mr Black Double Cacao Liqueur comes from delicious Tanzanian cacao nibs which we rested in our signature coffee liqueur for 96 hours.

Once we strained the cacao nibs out of the blend and had a taste, we knew they needed a second life. Enter, our friends at Zokoko…

Waste not, want not

We sourced Tanzanian cacao nibs from Zokoko and when the idea came up to create a chocolate bar from the nibs we used, it was obvious where to go.

Using the ‘spent’ cacao nibs, Zokoko have created the most decadent chocolate bar to compliment our Double Cacao Coffee Liqueur.

Why cacao?

Coffee and chocolate are an uncontroversial combination – but have you ever thought about why? They’re actually more similar than you think: cacao is harvested, fermented, dried and roasted, much like coffee beans.