Mr Black
Double Cacao Bundle
Coffee Liqueur & Chocolate Bundle


Double the deliciousness

1 bottle of
Mr Black Double Cacao Whisky Coffee Liqueur 700ml
1 block of
Double Cacao 65% Dark Chocolate by Zokoko 70g

Enjoy our newest release, Mr Black Double Cacao alongside a block of Double Cacao chocolate, made with cacao nibs previously resting in Mr Black.

Mr Black Double Cacao Liqueur

Our signature coffee liqueur is rested on Tanzanian cacao for 96 hours, extracting rich chocolatey flavours from the nibs. It’s then blended with Melbourne-made Starward Whisky and the resulting liqueur absolutely hums in the glass.

Double Cacao Chocolate Bar

After infusing our coffee liqueur with cacao, the nibs were too delicious to just throw away. So our friends at Zokoko made them into a chocolate bar!

This block of dark chocolate is delightful alongside a pour of Mr Black Double Cacao or perhaps even as a cocktail garnish.