Mr Black
Whisky Cocktail


A classic cocktail with a caffeinated kick.

Starward whisky, Mr Black and orange bitters
Tasting notes
Coffee, dark chocolate, cacao, orange
Pour over ice with a twist of orange peel
32% 500ml

A Distillery Crafted Cocktail

We’re great mates with the team at Starward Whisky, the award-winning distillers from Melbourne, Australia.

The Coffee Old Fashioned is a nuanced blend of Mr Black and Starward whisky, muddled with distillery-made orange bitters. Spicy, zesty, yet balanced. Pour over a large cube of ice with a twist of orange peel to garnish.

Tasting Notes:

Nose / Intense coffee, vanilla with a hint of orange peel
Palate / Coffee forward followed by dark chocolate and cacao
Finish / Textural and rounding. Vanilla and lightly roasted coffee bean