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The Details

The Coffee

The Coffee: Creating Mr Black is akin to blending a whisky. We choose different beans and roasting profiles to develop different flavours in the final drop. Specifically:

Brazilian Arabica

A combination of a more traditional ‘French’ roast and a lighter, more contemporary roast. The Brazilian brings the unmistakable ‘fresh coffee’ flavour to the brew. It’s the foundation.

Ethiopean Djimmah

A specialty coffee with a light-medium roast to bring fruit, toffee and chocolate flavours.


A flavour classic of the region, our PNG coffee brings a zesty citrus orange marmalade character.

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The Process

Mr Black is entirely cold-extracted with no addition of flavours, preservatives, caramels or vanillas (generally used to disguise bad coffee or inferior process).

Cold extraction – as the name suggests – is done at significantly lower temperatures to espresso – 23 degrees in our case. The result is a less acidic brew with a rounder mouthfeel and big coffee flavour – perfect for creating a liquor.

Creating a coffee that can stand up to blending with spirits, Mr Black uses a significantly higher coffee-to-water ratio and longer steep time than traditional cold brew.


Colour: Black Ink.
Aroma: Overwhelming fresh espresso.
Body: Bitter, yet balanced. Chocolate and caramels. Fine citrus edge.
Finish: Toffee. Marmalade.
Coffee ‘til the end.


It’s coffee, of course it’s got caffeine, but not enough to keep you staring at the ceiling all night.


Mr Black is cocktail-ketchup for dark spirits and stirred cocktails. It makes hundreds of classic cocktails better. Blend Mr Black 50:50 with whisky, mezcal, tequila or rum for a small demonstration of what coffee can bring to mixed drinks.