• What is Mr Black?

    Mr Black is a Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur made in Australia.

  • How do I drink it?

    Glass. Ice. Pour. Drink. Maybe add a splash of milk or cream, if that’s your thing. If you’re feeling adventurous, try it in a cocktail.

  • Does it contain caffeine?

    Yes indeed. It’s made from real coffee, after all. One 30ml (1oz) pour of Mr Black contains 25-40% of the caffeine found in a single espresso.

  • What’s in it?

    Specialty coffee. Water. Vodka. Sugar. That’s it.

  • Oh, it has sugar in it?

    Mr Black has half the sugar and ten times the coffee concentration of other coffee liqueurs. Sugar is used to give a balance and mouthfeel normally associated with expertly made cocktails.

  • Is it vegan and vegetarian?

    Yes. No animal-derived products are used in the production of Mr Black.

  • Is it gluten free?

    Yes. Mr Black is certified Gluten Free from ALS Food Labs in Sydney, Australia.

  • There is a small amount of sediment in our bottle - is this normal?

    Yes, perfectly. It’s a natural, flavourless byproduct of our production process. We use no artificial flavourings or colourings in the production of Mr Black, and that causes a light sediment in the bottom of some bottles.

  • How long does Mr Black last after opening? Should I keep it in the fridge?

    Mr Black will last forever, but retains its fresh coffee flavour longer if kept in the fridge. It also tastes best when it’s slightly chilled and conveniently fits in a fridge door. Coincidence? We think not.

  • Nutrition Information

    Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liquor 25% ABV
    Energy: 1208 kj / 100ml (360kj per 30ml / 1oz shot)
    Protein 0.5g / 100ml
    Total Fat <0.1g / 100ml
    Carbohydrates: 27.9g / 100ml (8.4g per 30ml / 1oz shot)
    Total Sugars: 25.1g / 100ml (7.5g per 30ml / 1oz shot)
    Sodium: <5mg / 100ml