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Mister International

Mr. Black is now available in Hong Kong and New Zealand. If you’re interested in stocking our coffee wünderdrink, drop a note to sales@mrblack.co and we’ll point you the right way.

MR BLACK at Dan Murphy’s

The team at MR BLACK is pleased to announce that as of April 2014 you’ll never be far away from a bottle of the black stuff. National retailer of all things good in the world Dan Murphy’s, has got 100% behind MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur, ranging our bottled excellence in their 178 stores […]


Some people in the press had some nice things to say about us

  • The Dieline

    MR BLACK is not for everyone, but it is definitely targeted for someone like myself: a coffee connoisseur and liquor enthusiast. Needless to say I’m hooked.

    - The Dieline
  • Smith Journal

    As third wave coffee slowly conquers each and every café in this fair land, some industrious distillers in Sydney have worked out a way to put it in our alcohol. About time.

    - Smith Journal
  • Concrete Playground

    There’s nothing that says ‘Australian’ quite like being the first ever company to crowdfund booze. But one company has found a way to combine Sydneysiders’ two favourite beverages in one delicious, stylishly packaged drink.

    - Concrete Playground
  • Broadsheet

    A New South Wales micro-distillery has taken Australian coffee culture to the next level with the launch of its boutique cold drip coffee liqueur MR BLACK.

    - Broadsheet
  • Sydney Morning Herald

    The Aussie-made coffee liqueur for people who “give a damn” what they drink…a product that neatly combines two well-loved slices of contemporary Australian life.

    - Sydney Morning Herald



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